Welcome to College Cars Online! 

This blog is dedicated to helping college students, recent graduates, and other young adults find the sorts of new cars available in their price range – specifically, cars under $25,000. 

The reason for this is twofold. First off, while you can find information about pretty much every car out there at any number of websites or in dozens of magazines, it’s all too often written with all the enthusiasm of a prescription, or brushed aside in favor of flashier rides. And while I love supercars as much as the next automotive writer, most of the (admittedly few) people who can afford them are a lot more likely to be registered for AARP than Facebook.

And if you’re young and rich, well, lucky-freakin’-you.

The second reason for the site is to give young people the perspective of someone their own age on these vehicles. Car magazine writers often seem a little jaded towards cheaper cars – and who can blame them? They spend much of their time driving luxury sedans with seats that heat, cool and massage their butts. (On a side note, I’ve heard many spas now offer a hot-and-cold stone ass massage, which is supposed to be remarkably soothing.) So when they have to wedge themselves into compact cars, they can be a little…ungrateful. They don’t always understand that cars aren’t just for coddling or extreme performance. Sometimes you need a car that just gets the job done, and does it inexpensively – without making you feel like a jackass. That’s why every article here is written by me, a 21-year-old college guy with a lifelong love of cars. You want to know how much I love them? My first word was “Toyota.” Go ahead, ask my mom. I mean it, she’s on Facebook too. (Which is frightening in and of itself, but I digress.)

So, welcome! Make yourself at home. Put your feet up, get some coffee, crank up iTunes. Open a new tab with a picture of Jessica Biel in it to glance at every now and again, if you want. (Or Brad Pitt, if that’s more your style.) I’ll be here, bringing you information, reviews and more about the sorts of cars you can afford so you can figure out which one’s right for you. I’ll be updating as frequently as possible, so check back often. The first articles should be up by the end of the week.

-Will Sabel Courtney


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