Preview – 2011 Subaru Impreza Coupe

British magazine Auto Express claims Subaru will be wheeling out a two-door version of its Impreza by 2010, presumably making it a 2011 model. 

The magazine says the car, being co-developed with Toyota, will use a 180 horsepower boxer four-cylinder (presumably the same engine currently making 170 horsepower in the Impreza) and a turbocharged version from the extra-high-performance WRX STi, making around 300 horsepower.

They also claim that base-level models will be rear-wheel-drive, but this seems doubtful over here, considering Subaru’s main selling point in the U.S. is its all-wheel-drive reputation. Besides, Auto Express says the high-performance version will offer all-wheel-drive, so why take it off to put it back on?

Expect to see the base coupe go for around $23,000 when it comes to the States, with the turbocharged version priced just below $30,000. It looks pretty hot in the picture, but keep in mind it’s just a drawing at this point. You can read the Auto Express article here.


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  1. colinmcraeborntodrive

    Take a look at the Radical SR3 privately owned by the late great Colin Mcrae.

    It’s Awesome!!

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