Oh S***! Porsche Panamera in the flesh!

While walking today, I stumbled upon a brand spankin’ new Porsche Panamera 4S parked outside Manhattan Motorcars here in New York City. They also had one inside; unfortunately, I wasn’t able to swing in and take a look at it, but I was able to snap off a few pix from my iPhone of the model parked on the street.

For the record, the Panamera went on sale here in the States last Saturday. I haven’t driven one yet (come on, Porsche, come through for me!) but from what I’m hearing, it’s a world-class effort for their first sedan.

And it looks much, much better in person than it does in pictures.

(I apologize for the poor quality of the images; the light was fading fast. Still, hope you enjoy!)







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One response to “Oh S***! Porsche Panamera in the flesh!

  1. mike

    still ugly. while it has the numbers to back it up, it is a poor entry into the super-sedan market by porsche. give me a CTSV and 40K left over

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