New York Auto Show – Hyundai

No all-new models for Hyundai this year, but the two new versions of the Sonata they showed off were hardly a disappointment. The sporty Sonata 2.0T takes the place of a V6 trim level; “We’re leaving the V6 behind,” said a spokesman. But don’t fret, power junkies; the turbocharged 2.0 liter engine cranks out 274 hp and 269 lb-ft of torque, bettering its six-cylinder competitors. Plus, Hyundai said they’re dedicated to bringing a “well-equipped” version to market for less than $25K.

The Sonata Hybrid aims for the opposite end of the lineup, offering the best fuel economy. (However, at 209 combined hp, it betters the regular Sonata by 9-11 horses.) With an estimated 34 mpg city and 39 highway, the Sonata Hybrid pulls down solid numbers for a car so large; plus, it has the highest electric-only top speed of any hybrid family sedan. (I could have sworn I heard Ford execs cursing a blue streak at that remark.)


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