New York Auto Show – Porsche

To my crushing sadness, Porsche didn’t bring their awesome 918 Spyder concept to the Big Apple. God only knows why.

However, they did bring the new family of Cayennes, which are certainly the improvement many of us were hoping for. The new Cayenne addresses the two main criticisms of the old – a lot of mass and less-than-pretty looks – by shaving off more than 400 lbs and sculpting the body into a shape you don’t want to peel your eyes off.

Nobody was complaining about the performance, but Porsche went ahead and pumped that up too. (They wouldn’t be Porsche if they didn’t.) With its 500 horsepower V8 and eight-speed auto, Porsche says the Cayenne Turbo runs the 0-60 dash in 4.4 seconds. And they’re usually conservative in their estimates.) There’s also a Cayenne S Hybrid with a combined 380 horsepower; they claim a 20 percent fuel economy improvement over the conventional 2011 Cayenne S.


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