New York Auto Show – Volvo

Volvo’ s big reveal was North American debut of the damn fine-looking S60. While I certainly can’t vouch for the company’s claim that the car is, as Apple would butcher it, the funnnest Volvo ever, I certainly will say it’s the prettiest Volvo in the company’s history.

The official vehicle of Big Brother.

They also had a brief, drama- and subwoofer-heavy film of the car’s pedestrian detection system in action. As we mentioned in an earlier post, the system can detect pedestrians ahead and stop the car from speeds of up to 22 mph; however, we figured Volvo would demonstrate it with an actual video of the system in action, not a cinematic short with actors who stare silently at each other.

Actually, know what would have been great? If one of the company suits stood in front of the S60 while somebody else drove right at him. That would have been ballsy.


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