Car Consulting Service

Welcome to College Cars Online’s Car Consulting Service!

Here, we provide a personalized consultation to address your new car needs. Navigating the automotive marketplace can be frustrating for anyone – with hundreds of models available (each with dozens of options), figuring out what car works best for you can be a daunting task. It eats up time. In the showrooms, you’re pressured by salespeople to buy before you’re ready (when all you came in for was a brochure). Trying to search around the web, with hundreds of sites of reviews and summaries, can be hard to figure out (though we certainly appreciate that you made it to this one).

So why not let someone else handle the leg work? Fill out our questionnaire and send it off to us, and we’ll send you back a customized list of vehicles best able to suit your needs. No fuss, no muss.

Since the service is just starting out, we’re starting out offering it for free. That’s right, free. There’s no cost to you. All you do is answer the following questions in an email to us, and we’ll return your results within a week. No fuss, no muss – just results.

When you’re ready, just send an email with your answers to these questions to (We’re working on making that clickable; in the meantime, please just copy the address into your email program.)

Hope to hear from you soon!

Car Consulting Questionnaire:

1. Will the vehicle be primarily used for urban driving, suburban driving, or rural driving?

2. How many people will the vehicle be required to carry on an ordinary basis, and what ages?

3. What sort of weather conditions will the vehicle need to contend with?

4. How long do you plan on holding onto this vehicle?

5. How many miles a year will you likely be driving with this vehicle?

6. How important is getting good gas mileage to you?

7. Do you consider driving a chore, or a pleasure?

8. What other vehicles do you currently own?

9. Do you have any automotive preferences? (Drivetrain, brand, body style)

10. Name three of your interests or hobbies.

11. Name any features you consider necessary for a vehicle, and why you consider them so.

12. How much are you planning to spend on a new vehicle? (Ranges are acceptable; please try to specify MSRP, not monthly payments.)

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    Robert Shumake Paul Nicoletti

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  4. Your blog is so informative… thanks

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